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Facelift – Can’t wait until I see how I look

Facelift - A facelift (or rhytidectomy), is the most comprehensive approach to treating facial wrinkles and sagging caused by aging. The surgery varies in range from minimally invasive ‘lunchtime lifts’ to more extensive, sophisticated surgery. A facelift removes excess skin, tightens underlying tissues and muscle and redrapes skin on the face and neck. It can…
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Lip Enhancement- I’d love to look younger.

Lip Enhancement (also referred to as lip augmentation): a technique based on the use of fillers or implants to create fuller lips while decreasing wrinkles around the mouth. IT’S ALWAYS BOTHERED ME. What woman doesn’t obsess a little about their faces? Media bombards us with ideals. The point is, what is ideal for you? Beauty…
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Mommy Makeover – I’m pregnant?

Mommy Makeover: any combination of cosmetic procedures that restore your before-pregnancy appearance, typically focusing on the breasts and abdomen. A typical makeover might include a tummy tuck, a breast procedure such as an augmentation, lift or reduction and liposuction of the legs, arms or trunk.  “I dreamt of having children my whole life.” If you…
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