Every stretch mark, sag, or pound gained is a testament to the amazing powers that come with being a mom. Many women wear them as badges of honor, but others would prefer to look and feel like their old selves again. It’s important to remember that you aren’t just a mother - you’re also a woman. Your body is yours again, and you can transform it however you like! Your dream body is closer than you think, and Dr. Narsete can make it happen for you.


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Mommy Makeovers are personalized procedures that can fix problem areas and highlight your favorite features. Most involve a combination of liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a breast lift, but there are many options available. Combine it with a Brazilian Butt Lift for a full body makeover in just one session! No matter what you choose, you’ll end up with a body that compliments the smile on your face when you’re playing with your children.


With incredible attention to detail, an artistic flare, and a passion to make people look beautiful, Dr. Narsete utilizes his surgical expertise to make the dreams of his patients come true. Dr. Narsete is one of those few plastic surgeons that restores patients’ looks instead of changing them. You will leave looking like a younger, more confident, refreshed version of yourself!

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I want to thank you for the very excellent care given to me before, during and after the surgeries you performed on me. I did not want to look 20 years old again, but it is nice to lose the matronly belly that resembled early pregnancy...Just so you know I didn't have those surgeries for someone else. I had them so that when I looked in the mirror, I would feel better, and I do.

Jan H.

Just wanted to let you know that the surgery you performed is still outstanding. I've had more compliments in my life since the tummy tuck, eyes, nose and lipo. You had done such a great job that the subtleties overall improved my body and looks-funny- no one can figure out why I haven't aged in 5 years. In fact, I have heard comments that I look better than I did in my 20's. Your work was initially designed to fix my scars from my hysterectomy-but never in my life did I expect such quality. Thank you!


I am 55 yrs old and finally made the decision to have my breast enhanced by lifting and positioning where they needed to be. I was absolutely thrilled with the results I received in the caring hands of Dr. Narsete. I had very little to no pain and the recovery was extremely easy and simple. I am so pleased with my results, I wish I would have found Dr. Narsete 15 yrs ago!

Joan F.