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Looking for a discount on a facelift? Look no further, save $500 when you use Dr. Thomas Narsete.

Whether your jaw line is losing its youthful shape or aging has caused your natural glow to fade away, a facelift surgery can help you regain your contoured, youthful look by removing or repositioning excess fat and tightening the facial muscles. It is an artistic surgery that enhances your facial features and makes you look more attractive and gorgeous.

The surgery removes the signs of aging which are particularly visible on the face and neck, such as fat deposition under the chin, loosening of the facial skin, deep creases that extend to the corners of the mouth, etc. The surgery restores your youthful contours and rejuvenates your facial beauty.

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A well-done facial rejuvenation can make you look several years younger than your actual age. However, it is important that you choose a surgeon who has the expertise and artistic insight required to deliver the desired results. Dr. Narsete is one of those very few surgeons who have performed over a thousand facial rejuvenation procedures in Denver.

To learn more about Dr. Narsete’s surgical expertise or to book a consultation with him, you may call us at (720) 379-3468 or use the following contact form.

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Discount Facelift