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Thinking of Lip Enhancement Surgery? Whether you naturally have thin lips or aging has caused them to lose their plumpness, with a lip enhancement surgery you can restore the volume of your lips and achieve the perfect pout. The process involves the use of lip fillers or implant to make them look more voluminous and plumper. And Denver’s best lip implant surgeon, Dr. Thomas A. Narsete is waiting to help you.

What is Lip Enhancement Surgery?

Fuller, plumper lips are a desirable facial trait among both men and women, especially after years of aging. Lip enhancement uses implants or dermal fillers to give you the appearance of fuller lips. Whether you choose injections to enhance your lips for months at a time or implants as a more permanent option, lip enhancement surgery can greatly improve your look.

Who is a good candidate for an Lip Enhancement Surgery

Lip enhancement is a simple procedure that can help considerably if you’re self-conscious about the shape of your mouth. If you find that your lips are naturally thin, tend to disappear when you smile or are imbalanced in comparison with your other facial features, a lip enhancement surgery may be the right procedure for you.

Before your Lip Enhancement Surgery

You will start with a professional consultation with Denver facial plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Narsete. His consults are a courtesy, and you will love the experience. He will go through a thorough exam and review your photos and explain all the options with you. At the end of the consult, you will know exactly which procedure works for you.

Types of Anesthesia

Dr. Narsete will discuss the type of anesthesia used for this procedure during your consultation and will depend on factors, such as your medical status and your comfort level. A local anesthesia may be used, which will numb the area but leave you awake during the procedure. A general anesthesia may also be considered, which would allow you to sleep comfortably throughout the surgery.

The Lip Enhancement Procedure

Since Dr. Thomas A. Narsete is actively involved in research related to various aspects of cosmetic surgery, he uses the latest technology and tools to deliver best results to the patients who want to enhance the volume of their lips. He had helped perform the original research on the new Permafacial implants for permanent lip augmentation. He has also published two of the very first papers on the results of the procedure, which are on review in his office.

  • Injectable Fillers: For more voluptuous lips, injectable fillers and fat fills from your own body shape and enhance your lips. The fillers are popular and contain hyulauronic acid, your own ground substance. They are injected every 6 months to fulfill your personal needs, and have few side effects.
  • Implants: For patients who want permanent lip augmentation, Denver facial plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Narsete uses Permafacial™ implants. He was one of the first plastic surgeons to publish his results in plastic surgery journals. These implants can be placed in your face with local anesthesia for a permanent rejuvenation. They are inserted through the corner of your mouth to avoid detectable scars. Your lips will be swollen for 7-10 days, and then have a beautiful shape with fullness.

What is the cost of Lip Enhancement Surgery?

Lip Enhancement Surgery is considered to be elective, so most insurance providers will not cover the costs. To help make lip enhancement surgery affordable and accessible for everyone, Dr. Narete offers financing options which can be discussed during your consultation. For your convenience, Dr. Narsete accepts cash and all major credit cards. Financing options via LendingUSA is also available.

Are you ready to schedule your FREE consult?

A well-done lip enhancement can make you look several years younger than your actual age. However, it is important that you choose a surgeon who has the expertise and artistic insight required to deliver your desired results. Dr. Thomas A. Narsete is one of those very few surgeons who have performed an impressive number of lip enhancement procedures and in Denver, making him one of Denver’s best lip implant surgeons.

To learn more about Dr. Narsete’s surgical expertise or to book a FREE consultation, you may call us at (720) 379-3468 or use the following contact form.

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