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Breast Surgery – They’re a big part of being a woman

Breast Surgery:

“I don’t know one woman who has said they love their breasts.”

I know breasts aren’t supposed to define who we are. But we can’t stop thinking about them in one way or another. Mea Culpa. In my mind, perfect breasts would make me feel more feminine, attractive and absolutely sexier. Not that I really know what perfect is. I guess I should admit there is no thing as perfect. I mean I read that bra sizes range from AA to N. N? It’s beyond imagination. But it just says we all have a picture of who we want to be. All I really know is that what I see in the mirror, it isn’t the one I want.

“I kept waiting for them to get bigger.”

When I was going through the puberty thing, I watched as my friends started to get boobs. (That’s what we called them then.) They sort of started bud-like, but they were out there from our beforehand washboard chests. Their moms took them to get their first bras which were like tokens of things to come. I waited. And waited. Changing in the girl’s locker room was painful. Girls can be cruel. “Just be patient”, my mom would say. “Yours will start to grow soon”. I waited. I cried. But she was right. There were my “buds”. Except as my friends’ continued to grow, I was trapped in AA hell. Years of stuffing bras with toilet paper. Then came the push up obsession. I had drawers full. Finally, I had it. I wanted breasts that filled out clothes better. That didn’t embarrass me in bathing suits. I wanted cleavage. Blame Victoria’s Secret.

“Oh, to be perky, not pendulous.”

I developed earlier. “Lucky you” some might say. (I used to hear it all the time.) Actually, I was mortified by it. I can still feel the snap of testosterone-peaking guys yanking at my bra straps. As I grew, my breasts grew. I was pretty thin, and my breasts felt monstrous and way out of proportion. I could handle men looking, but the gawking and jokes were unbearable. My bra straps dug into my shoulders, really painfully at times. I also had pain in my neck and back. Sometimes they actually got in the way, like when I was trying to do certain exercises or sports. And talking about sports, I started wearing sports bras trying to flatten them. It wasn’t just men who didn’t get it. Women are always comparing themselves to each other, and when I heard, “Oh, I’m so jealous”, I wanted to scream. They were clueless, caught up in the celebrity allure of big breasts while I was inprisoned with them.

“Kiss Insecurity Goodbye”

I felt like a freak. You probably think that’s extreme, but that was what I felt like. I know that as you get older, your breasts change…there’s that having children thing…but it’s just what happens. Tight and firm goes the way of flat stomachs and a sleek neckline. But when they lose total shape, well, that’s a whole other story. A horror story in my case. My breasts got flat and really narrow and long. One falls lower than the other. My nipples pointed downward. My areolae have stretched out of proportion. They’re not just uneven, they’re lopsided. I couldn’t stop thinking of the lyric I heard laughingly throughout school:

  • Do your boobs hang low
  • Can you swing ’em to and fro
  • Can you tie ’em in a knot
  • Can you tie ’em in a bow
  • Can you swing ’em over your shoulder
  • like a regimental soldier
  • Do your boobs hang low

What must my husband be thinking? Forget this “I love you just the way you are thing”. It doesn’t do anything to my confidence. Or lack of it.

“No One Will Give You a Lift Like This.”

There are a lot of things you can do when you’re unhappy with your breasts. And none of them include creams or tape or anything anyone on the web promises. What you can take as a promise is the experience, expertise and understanding you get from one of Denver’s most sought-after plastic surgeons, Dr. Thomas A. Narsete. All Dr. Narsete cares about is how you feel. You can tell him anything you’re thinking. He’ll go over all your options in detail and work with you to determine what’s best. Whatever procedure you’re looking into, he has the skill and aesthetic eye to give you the best results. How do I know? Whenever I look in the mirror now, I see someone smiling back at me. So why suffer a minute longer, schedule a breast surgery? Call and make an appointment now.

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