Chin Augmentation or Chin Reduction

Chin Augmentation, Chin Reduction – “I Hate the Chin I’m In”

Chin Augmentation: a medical procedure also known as genioplasty to augment a receding chin.

Chin Reduction: a medical procedure also known as mentoplasty to reduce the chin.


Any way you look at it, my chin’s no winner. All the insults hurled at me over the years have left my self-esteem with some serious scars. It’s been an ongoing battle. I’ve been called every name you could imagine. And some you couldn’t, they were so mean. “The No-Chin Champion.” “The Chinless Wonder.” “Chinslide”. I never have to wonder what everyone is thinking. It’s that obvious. Instead of beautifully contoured, it’s like my chin is made of silly putty, flowing right into my neck.” Chin-neck” (that was a good one). It’s really hard to put on a brave face with this chin.


Someone once commented on my chin wattle. Chin wattle? Isn’t that what they call Turkey Neck? Not something I really wanted to know, but I had to know. With unbridled frenzy I hit my iPad.  It was a Wiki wake-up-call an entire bottle of Raspberry Vodka couldn’t erase; “Chin wattle: a fleshy, wrinkled fold of skin hanging down from the throat or chin of certain birds, reptiles and mammals”. Lizards? Goats? Horses? Elephants? Me? Fact is, only humans have chins. Why, oh why, does mine have to be wattled?


Even in junior high when hickeys were high on the must to-do list, I lost out. My weak excuse for a chin didn’t exactly bestow me with “he’s hot.” The older I got, the worse I looked. Living chinless makes my nose look bigger and my teeth, seriously buck. They say love is blind, but it’s hard to be blind to a chin that’s so glaringly missing. Hardly manly. And hard to accept. In my mind, it’s a real kiss-off.


Nose, OK. Eyes, good. Not too sure about my butt. But my chin? A huge hit on my ego. It’s pointy and permanently up. Hopeless, is the first thing that comes to mind the first time I look in the mirror in the morning.  I can’t face that face. It would give the Wicked Witch of the West a run for the money. Think ski slope. Think wanting to go through life without anyone looking at your puss in profile. Think wanting to hibernate.


Just when I was ready to give up, a friend gave me the number of one of the most skilled, experienced, and trusted plastic surgeons in the Denver area – Dr. Thomas A. NarseteSurgery? Just the thought of it gave me shakes. But just the thought of living with my chin the way it was, wasn’t something I could bear. So I met with Dr. Narsete and it was the best thing I could have done. During my consultation I was able to talk openly with him about what I could expect, and after thoroughly evaluating my facial anatomy, he recommended the best procedure to meet my goals.He took the time to explain how a chin implant could lift my whole face, giving it balance and definition and even make me look younger. Which made my decision to make an appointment on the spot, the best decision ever. Schedule a consultation now with Dr. Narsete. It won’t just lift your spirits, it’ll let you hold your whole head high.