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Chin Augmentation and Chin Reduction: I can’t stand my chin

Chin Augmentation and Chin Reduction: Are two surgical chin treatments, A Chin Augmentation is a medical procedure also known as genioplasty to augment a receding chin. And a Chin Reduction is a medical procedure also known as mentoplasty to reduce the chin.

“The Wicked Witch of The West”

Everyone’s seen the movie. That hideous green evil incarnate with a chin so big and pointy you could hang something on it. That’s me. Without the green. I’m not living a movie here, though. It’s my life. And people can be really mean. Cruel would be understatement. “Hey, why don’t you fix your face?” To which I’m thinking, “Why don’t you fix your attitude?”. From some who try to be nonchalant, it’s “try to be confident, it’s only a chin.” But where is that confidence going to come from? That I have great nails, or dress the trends with enviable panache? Doesn’t ever take away from the obvious, and how people view me. OK, I’m obsessed. And don’t say you wouldn’t be, too. To tell the truth, I’m devastated. All the time. Right now I’m forever caught in an unhappy (in my mind) tragic ending.

“I Have Absolute Profile Panic”

I’m only 12, but that’s 12 years of living in a very emotional kind of pain. I don’t have a chin. It’s not so obvious from the front, but when I go to get my hair cut, my stylist gives me a hand mirror and slowly turns the chair around so I can see it from all sides. When she gets to the profile part, it makes me want to scream. No Instagram or Snapchat or any app filter is going to change the obvious. Fortunately, my parents don’t go “oh honey, you’re beautiful just the way you are.” This no-chin thing is usually a genetic thing. Not exactly something I was blessed with. My mom has told me she wishes she had done it when she was younger. And my dad? His chin isn’t exactly a prize. Oh, and I have to tell you this one; I read that humans are the only primates with a chin. Maybe why I feel like a walrus. I don’t want to go to middle school looking like this. I love that my parents are on my side and are going to let me do something about it.

“I Feel Doomed to The Dreaded Neck Wattle”

You know what wattle is? Think of that stuff hanging down from a turkey’s non-existent chin. Self-esteem? Ugly. Just ugly. Turkey necks are for the birds. It’s a no-win-chin. That’s what you’d call mine, it’s that receding. You can’t go around holding your neck up all the time. You’d just look ridiculous. I keep looking around for some kind of miracle. Believe me, the internet is clogged with neck-tightening routines. Oh, and then there are the quack no-surgery creams with all their no-way-they’ll work promises. I’m not Mamma June who was left with this gross wattle as a result of losing 300 pounds. I actually have a great body. I work out all the time, and am beyond toned. It’s like there’s your body from the neck down, and then the neck up. Everything is out of balance. My face, especially. It’s like underarm dingle dangle but under your chin. I have to do something. They say you learn to accept yourself as you get older, but I’m not older, and I’m not accepting anything.

“A Weak Chin—Forever the Enemy of Masculinity”

What man wants a weak jaw? I know I may be over reacting but I feel like my strong-jawed male friends are flying up the corporate ladder, and many of them are already engaged or married to beautiful women. There’s just something about a well-developed jaw and chin that scream “competent, confident, natural-born leader.” Meanwhile, a weak chin makes you look feeble and timid, completely unfit to lead other people no matter how smart or competent you may be. It’s not like I want to be a Brad Pitt wannabe. But what woman is going to look at me and think “wow, I’d really like to meet that man with no chin.”  It’s so bad, it actually looks backward and retreated. When compared to a normal chin, it just looks unnatural. My mouth even seems to protrude. Weak stomach, weak kneed, weak sister, weak willed, weak excuse, even weak tea. But weak chin? I refuse to buy into it.

“It just has to be right”

Going in for any surgery is scary, but what was more scary for me, was living with my chin. I had come to the point, I was actually going to do something about it. I couldn’t look forward to anything more. But the first (and most important part), was the issue of finding the right Doctor to perform it. Fortunately, I found the best; Dr. Thomas A. Narsete. He knew exactly the distress I was feeling over how I looked. For him, it was all about balance. He explained everything to me. There was such a thing as too much added, or too much removed. He understood that it was essential to take into consideration the difference between a male and female chin. He didn’t believe in a customized approach. His experience and expertise in performing hundreds of chin procedures put me at total ease. And the photos I saw? Unbelievable. I knew he would give me just what I was looking for; confidence being at the top of the list. If you have a chin that recedes or juts out, it’s your call what to do. But I’d make that call now.

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