lip augmentation

Lip Augmentation – “Sensual lips don’t look like these.”

LIP AUGMENTATION: (Also referred to as lip enhancement) is a technique that aims to alter the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness while decreasing lines using fillers or implants.

“I admit it, I suffer from lip envy.”

I look in the mirror and think “ugh, are those really my lips?” They are so thin that my upper lip almost disappears. Not attractive. I feel like the poster child for “before” pictures in plastic surgeons’ before and after sample books. I’m not old. But I feel like my lips are aging by the minute. (I do a lot of staring in mirrors.) I’ve been told I have beautiful eyes. Never once has anyone complimented me on my lips. I mean they all have to notice my lips, they’re just too polite to say anything. When I say I’m envious of other people’s lips, I’m not talking celebrities most likely enhanced puckers and sexy pouts. I just want lips that look fuller and smoother and fit my face.

“To say my lips are under-plump is understatement.”

Actually, there’s more; they look out of proportion. One side goes up so I look lopsided. It’s worse when I smile. I look like I’ve got this goofy grin. Smile?  I could cry. I’ve always had them and always hated them. I even got teased about them in school. Lip shaming. I begged my parents to do something about them and got the old “you’re beautiful the way you are…you’re just imagining it.” There were a lot of tears over it, but I had to live with them. I never stopped feeling self-conscious. And as to self-esteem? What self-esteem? I dated, but most first dates never went anywhere. I was sure it was how my lips made my whole face look, but I think my negative attitude might have played a big part in it. Now that I’m older, I going to do something about it. It’s my decision. I’m just a little afraid they’ll end up over-plumped.

“I used lip liner to the point of looking ludicrous.”

When you’ve got really thin lips, or lips that look too small for your face (well, actually, any face), you can also get these disgusting little wrinkles. Which make your lips look like there’s no real lip line. I’d go into one of these makeup places with brand after brand of makeup choices. I bet if I counted, there would be at least 100 different lip liner choices. Enough to make me freeze, until a friendly salesperson (sometimes a guy) would notice and ask if I needed help. Help? I needed a lip lifebuoy. So I sit in a chair and prepare to have my lips made luscious. Somehow they picked from dozens of samples sitting at their station, and went at my lips like Renoir. They outlined them to look larger…even add a bow…filled them in with lipstick…and I left with 5 different colors and brands to the tune of a hundred bucks. Ask if I was able to do what they did myself once I got home.

“The old hand-over-your-mouth trick never fooled anyone.”

You might have seen television commercials where people hide their mouths so as not to see their yellow or ugly teeth. You never hear them talking about hiding their lips. But hand over mouth has long been my MO, especially when I am up close with someone, like having dinner out, or gossiping and laughing over extra dry martinis. Laughing only makes it worse. I could be smiling, and it comes across as frowning. Try having a meaningful conversation while holding your hand over your mouth. And you can’t keep your napkin to your lips while you’re trying to shove that sushi in. I’m not fooling anyone. I probably just look like a fool. And anything I did makeup-wise before going out, got wiped off immediately. I want desperately to draw attention to my lips, just not in the wrong way. I’m out of tricks. I need real help.

“Happy isn’t half of it.”

Once I decided to do what they call lip enhancement (googled it), I knew deciding on the right plastic surgeon to do it was crucial. I was terrified of ending up with hard-as-a-rock duck lips. Someone I trusted to talk about it, referred me to Dr. Thomas A. Narsete. He put me at ease the minute I met him. He really analyzed my face and asked me about my goals. All I told him is that I wanted more natural, fuller, soft lips. Nothing drastic. He got it, and reassured me that even making them just a bit fuller could make a big difference in my whole face. If I had any questions, I learned that he uses the latest technology and tools to deliver the best results. He had even written papers about it. I was in. And now my lips are everything I wanted and more. I was ecstatic with the results. He was absolutely the best choice. I couldn’t recommend him more. This is someone you can trust.

And that’s not just paying lip service.

Call for an appointment today. You’ll be more than happy you did.