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Liposuction – If I could change just one thing

Liposuction: A surgical procedure that involves removal of excess body fat in order to improve the proportions and shape of the body. It is the leading option to diminish the appearance of stubborn bumps and lumps from localized fat and help sculpt areas to appear more toned and trim. 


Sometimes you think “I hate this body”. We get it. Because we hear it all the time. You’d be amazed how many people, and who they are, that feel just as upset as you. It’s ok. There’s probably no one who doesn’t like some part of their body. Promise. But hey, this is all about you. You look in the mirror and freak out. What you see aren’t just imperfections. To you, what you see is depressing. Of course, what you’re feeling is magnified. But you’re the judge, and the verdict is you’re miserable. And forget about trying on clothes. 3-way mirrors. Torture. Plus, whatever you try on, the top fits, the bottom doesn’t. The bottom fits, the top doesn’t. And anything knit or clingy? You don’t even think about it. It’s such a downer, “up” seems forever out of the question. You want to scream. It’s all right. We would, too. But being so hard on yourself isn’t the answer. On the other side, liposuction just might be.


It’s not easy living with a body you’re not happy with. Who in the world would want to?  In your mind, it’s like you’ve had those huge thighs your whole life. Your stomach always stuck out. And that skin that hangs over your bra? It all didn’t just happen overnight. It’s not something you probably want to hear, but it’s actually really common to have these “fat” places when you’re young. Regrettably, few of us win the genetic lottery. And genetics plays a big part. Honest. Millions of people have inherited a predisposition to fat accumulation in certain areas of their bodies. If mom or dad had it, good chance that’s your problem. “Gee, thanks, folks.” Not the excuse you’re looking for, but it’s what it is. You’ve been endlessly Googling liposuction “before and afters” that pretty much amazed you. You’ve been toying with the idea of liposuction and the thought just doesn’t go away. Like the fat. Maybe it’s time you stop thinking and do something about it. You can, you know.


Sure, one thing. Something that’s been killing you. Saddle bags, muffin tops, thunder thighs…You want to grab the fat, squeeze, and make it go away. It’s all disgusting. And Snapchat or Selfies? Selfies can be brutal. Looks like you have three chins. So, this “just one thing” business. Just say it is just one area bothers you—like your thighs. But when you really look at it, there could be other things that can bother you in other places, too. Like your thighs and abs, maybe. Heard that a lot. But here’s something you’re going to want to hear for yourself. Good news. When it comes to reducing fat throughout the body today, it seems as if there’s nothing liposuction can’t do to contour and shape, firm and slim. All that stuff on your tentative, dubious, but sometimes hopeful wish list. How do flatter abs sound? Nothing grossly rolling over your pant when you sit? “A waist?” Unbelievable. But totally possible. With liposuction it’s bye-bye pear shape. Oh, and the horrors of upper arm jiggle? Go ahead, go sleeveless. Yep, that’s what we said. Knees? Not really as much fat there, but liposuction can still help them look slimmer and more in proportion with your legs. No more hiding them under loose pants anymore. Oh, and here’s a good one. The neck. This can be a real giveaway that you’re getting older. (Even if you’re not.) It droops, loses shape or fattens up. But once again, it’s liposuction to the rescue. Like other parts of your body, it can tighten, smooth and shape it. You’re never going to look like Audrey Hepburn, but, who does?


First you have to get real.

You want that fat gone? (Rhetorical question) That’s what liposuction’s going to do for you. With the right doctor, you can get big time results. Well, big time in the sense might want to run out and shop. Or, are you sitting? Put on a bathing suit. (Major Victoria Secret Runway Angel bikini? Don’t kid yourself to that extent.) Yes, liposuction will work. That is if your expectations aren’t over the moon. Liposuction’s no magic wand. Be honest with yourself…what are you hoping it will do? If you expect it to make your body celebrity perfect, forget it. Which brings us to another point. Liposuction isn’t a cure-all for obesity. Most doctors won’t even consider using it on someone obese. It’s for getting rid of really stubborn fat in certain places all over your body.  It works best if you’re in pretty good shape and your skin isn’t all stretched out already. It isn’t going to zap any cellulite, getting rid of that dimpled stuff that really shows on your legs and buttocks. And if you think it’s going to make you lose a lot of weight since they’re taking the fat away…well, sorry, it doesn’t take removing a lot of fat to get remarkable results. (That’s where a doctor intensely trained in the procedure comes in.)

But the answer to your original question is a definite “yes”. You’ll really see a difference. You’ll see those outer thighs gone, your skin is going to look smoother. And tighter. You’re going to have a figure with natural looking curves and contours that are more proportional. You’re going to have shape you can’t stop looking in the mirror at. Sound fabulous? It is. And that’s just on the outside. Because you’re going to feel a whole lot better about yourself inside, with confidence and self-esteem you never felt before. Liposuction is going to let you get past your hang-ups and body issues. You’re going to want to get out and start living your life the way you wanted to. Does that answer your question?


We always sort of think about women when it comes to liposuction, but it’s not the case. Why shouldn’t men be as self-conscious and distressed about their bodies as much as women?  Why shouldn’t you feel as uncomfortable in clothes that don’t fit or at the beach in a bathing suit. Even in the locker room at the gym. You worry you’ll embarrass your kids…your wife will lose interest…and if you’re single, you don’t even think about dating. You spend your nights watching Xfinity and men with 12 packs (6 packs died a few Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth movies before.) Now who’s being cruel to who? “Liposuction? Give me a break.” We’ll admit it, liposuction is stereotyped as an option for women. But guys, you’ve got an issue women never have to deal with or even think about— “man boobs”. There’s nothing else to call it. That’s what you hear. No one knows it’s actually a disease that results in enlargement of the breast tissue. You want to talk humiliating? It can happen to boys as young as 14 when hormonal changes happen. Self-esteem goes down the drain. Liposuction can feel like a life saver. You know what else? Liposuction can get rid of fat in some of the same areas women get it for. Why shouldn’t you want to get rid of fat in your waist or stomach, too? All right, so you call it “gut”. In any language, it can be gone. The point is, liposuction can help give you the tighter, better shaped look you want. Not to mention a better image of yourself. Man, is this something you should look into right now.


DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! We can’t say this any stronger. But not the kind of research you think we mean. If you make the mistake (o.k., we know everyone does it) of endless hours of internet obsession, you could get sucked into some pretty confusing stuff. This article says this…another says that. Our heads would spin, too. What you really need to find out is who’s the absolutely right, qualified and experienced specialist to do the procedure. Unfortunately, there are some unlicensed, uncertified and even untrained people claiming to produce miraculous results, for procedures that shouldn’t even be done.  Or especially overdone. “Lipo” specials are even popping up at spas. And hold on for this one; even on Groupon.

So we have to repeat here, it’s all about the doctor you ultimately choose. There’s a lot of information to find and know when you’re choosing your liposuction doctor, but it will be well worth the work. Ask for recommendations. Find out their training and qualifications.  And you know what might help in this whole process? Get some support. Positive support. Your friends, family, general internist who are all behind you. Don’t go it alone. Fly your thoughts at someone. Let them know what you’re feeling.  Naysayers not welcome.

Next, start with a list. Anything and everything you want answers to. Take it to your consultation. Get the whole story. Not some story they’re trying to pull you into. You want a doctor who will listen and spend as much time with you as you need. Don’t feel pressured. See samples and results of work they’ve done. Be prepared. You’re putting your body in their hands, so you want to feel totally comfortable and confident from the start. You don’t want the wrong procedure with the wrong doctor or just as important, the right procedure with the wrong doctor. Weigh the experience and listen to your gut. All of this will help shape your decision.



Great choice.

Is Dr. Narsete someone who treated you with respect and consideration, explained the procedure in understandable detail and was totally honest about what he can do for you?

Without question.

Do his qualifications and intensive experience in every type of liposuction rise above the expertise other surgeons claim to have so that you firmly believe in the complete and total safety of his work?


Does he utilize the combination of technical skill with an artistic eye to give you a body with an often enviable, naturally contoured shape?

Beyond compare.


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