Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover – “I just want my body back”

Mommy Makeover: any combination of cosmetic procedures that restore your before-pregnancy appearance, typically focusing on the breasts and abdomen. A typical mommy makeover might include a tummy tuck, a breast procedure such as an augmentation, lift or reduction and liposuction of the legs, arms or trunk.

“This is one badge of motherhood I can live without.”

Turn on Entertainment Tonight, and there isn’t a night that doesn’t regale soon-to-be, or new moms. Oh look, their little bump is just beginning to show. Isn’t it sweet? And Kate Middleton? The picture are precious. A third little royal. Instagrams of “adorable”, flood the site. What they never show is how un-cute mom’s body becomes after the big event. Selfies of over sucked, and pulled breasts and nipples? Tummies that tend to flop with all that extra 9-month weight gain? I am the proudest mom there can be. Except for the physical toll it can take. Why does life-changing have to go hand and hand with body changing? I need a mommy makeover.

“Gratifying, exciting, rewarding…what about stretched, saggy and droopy?”

Motherhood is a feeling that can’t be compared with anything else. Who knew love could sweep you up and carry you to such an unimaginably incredible state? Who knew this love could also sweep your body up into an unrecognizable version of yourself? There’s nothing that connects you more to your angel than nursing. There’s nothing that can deflate your breasts more than nursing. And then there are stretch marks and bigger and darker areolas. Doesn’t seem like a fair trade. My pre-baby body was something to brag about if I say so myself. Tight, toned, bikini-flaunting fabulous. My husband would agree, I’m sure. Now, I’m pretty sure he wonders what happened to it as much as I do. Even though he would never-ever as much as breathe the thought. No one is coo-ing over this.

“Our family’s growing, and so is my body.”

Baby number three. I’ve finally mastered the mechanics and challenges of taking care of more than baby number one. (Actually, baby one, is Alina, baby two, Bryan and baby three, Mirabel). And I wouldn’t exactly call them babies anymore. The youngest is already in kindergarten. (How time flies.) What I’m increasingly having trouble coping with is the shape all three have left my body in. I never did lose those last ten pounds. I actually gained, and kept more. Without a bra, my breasts are well…just depressing. I haven’t worn anything body fitting in years. The clothes I wear now could still actually pass as early pregnancy cover ups. When I have time, (wait…does any really busy mom have time?) I try to hit the gym, “try” being the operative word. I’ve bookmarked dozens of YouTube weight loss and toning videos, but somehow, get derailed laughing my butt off at videos of babies riding Roombas.

“It’s not just that I let myself go.

My postpartum depression seemed to last as long as my body remained so disgusting in my eyes. I’m still perpetually overwhelmed. OK, you’re supposed to gain some weight when you’re pregnant. But no one says you should keep it on for years. I was at the point of just ready to give up. I eat well and exercise, but nothing changes. That’s not me in the mirror. I love my kids, but I hate my body. Even after I stopped nursing (and that was a long time ago), my breasts stayed 2 sizes larger. And not in a sexy way. Bra-less, I felt hopeless. Everything seems out of proportion, and not just my breasts. The only thing that shrunk was my self-esteem.

I made sure I got the right surgeon for my makeover.”

Getting a mommy makeover (that’s what they call it when you get a full body boost), seemed like a more intense process than just getting one thing done. Breasts, lipo, tummy…it’s a lot. So it was imperative I found the absolute best plastic surgeon to do it. I mean I was turning my whole body over to them. Fortunately, I had a friend who had already had a makeover, and it renewed both her body and her spirit. Her surgeon was Dr. Thomas A. Narsete. He had performed literally hundreds of makeovers, leaving hundreds of frustrated women happy through the roof. His skill and expertise is unparalled; his techniques and technology the most advanced in the field. He spends a lot of time explaining what the surgery entails, letting you know that you can also do it in stages if you want. Whichever way is right for you, the results will be the same. Unbelievable. And wouldn’t you just love that?

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