Otoplasty, Ear Surgery

Otoplasty – Big Ears Are Real Bummers

Otoplasty: ear surgery, or ear pinning, also known as otoplasty, can improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear. It can correct a defect in the ear structure that is present at birth, or it can treat misshapen ears caused by injury.

“Not just droopy, goofy.”

The chinese believe that people who have big ears are unusually lucky in life. Lucky? Loser would be more like it. Oversize ears have made me over-embarrassed my whole life. Dumbo, yodo, the elves of rivendell in lord of the rings…I feel like a combination of every ear cartoon character there is. “Oh, but look at spock”, some would say. Cool. Yeah, but his aren’t real. Spock gets paid beaucoup bucks and gets to dump his dumbos after the last “cut!” Of the day. “well, look at will smith,” some would say. His ears make him look goofy. Yeah, but he’s famous and has jada pinkett smith. My big ears are famous, too. Famously foul. (not too strong a description to me.)

“Another bully heard from.”

Hear ye, hear ye….

Believe me, I’ve heard it all. From the time I was little I’ve heard every cruel ear joke there is.;

Yourears are so big, it’s like a car with the doors open.

Your ears are so big, you can probably hear the sun come up.

Your ears are so big, bet you can hear people’s thoughts.

Your ears are so big, you make bunnies cry.

Your ears are so big, elephants laugh at you.

Yeah, sure…big joke, hilarious…except for me, they’ve never been a laughing matter. More like torment, torture, agony, a thesaurus-full of horror. My tormentors were ruthless. Believe me, you never get resilient to ridicule.

“Has anyone ever heard of ear envy?”

Haven’t you ever looked at someone and wished you had their body? Their mark zuckerberg or kylie jenner (come on, a billionaire at 20?) Success? Their charisma? Sexual attraction? Trips to botswana? Their uncanny resemblance to the new duke or duchess of sussex? You’d be lying if you said you never had. But their ears? On what planet? Those unenviable ears are the ones I’ve been stuck with. They’re not just big, but they hang, and inside, they’re like big dark caverns. People might not point, but I know they’re thinking they’re glad they’re not me. (You’ll never hear “I never noticed”, without their noses doing a pinocchio.) And speaking of noses (for a change), big, lopsided ears can make your psyche take a huge nosedive. My self-esteem? None. My self-worth? Nada. My self-confidence? Not a drop. My insecurity? Off the richter scale.

“If I hear “no one is perfect” one more time…”

My strong point is my strange point. I’ve got these little ears that make my head look crazy big. I’ve been told they can be hereditary. If that’s true, I’m drowning in the ear gene pool. The reason why, doesn’t change the fact that is. You should see pictures of me when I was only five. Cute, wouldn’t be an apt adjective. And from all the research I’ve done (whoa, the wonders of wi-fi), you don’t grow into them. They say love is blind. If that’s true, my parents are living proof. Totally blind, sans canes. They always told me I was wonderful the way I was. The point is, I wish my parents had done someone when I was young. I wish they saw how miserable my mini ears made me.

“There’s no magic pill to fix them.”

No hairstyles, no ear exercises, no amount of camouflage can hide the fact that your ears aren’t what you want them to be. (and believe me, I’ve tried. And tried. And tried.) That they’re too big, or too small, or stick out, or well, you know what I’m talking about. I never knew that having ear surgery was an option like getting a facelift or nose job. It wasn’t something anyone ever talked about. I thought a lifetime of tears was the only solution. Until I heard that ear surgery could correct the size of the ear, the position or proportion. I wanted it yesterday, but I wasn’t about to hand over my ears to just anyone. I did serious research, wanting to find the best plastic surgeon in the denver area. And lucky for me, I found Dr. Thomas A. Narsete. He had years of expertise and experience in performing all types of procedures, among them, ear surgery. It wasn’t a matter of just doing it, but doing it right. Doing it safely. The first time I met with him, I knew he was the one. He answered all my questions and really put my mind at ease. So I did it. And the results were beyond anything I could imagine. It changed my whole face. If this sounds like you, make an appointment to see Dr. Narsete now.

You’ll be grinning from ear to ear.