Thinking getting Brazilian butt lift

Thinking about Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Famous Denver Plastic Surgeon Has Something to Tell You

Plastic Surgery in Denver

Flat or uneven buttocks and breasts can be a cause of discomfort and embarrassment. Your Denver plastic surgeon can confirm that butt and breast augmentation surgeries are one of the fastest and safest ways to enhance the shape of your body. Augmentation surgeries can help by making the targeted area plumper, more appealing, and more proportionate with the body. While there are several cosmetic procedures that achieve these goals, Brazilian butt lifts and breast augmentation in Denver are currently very popular.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift takes fat from one area of a patient’s body, and transfers it to the buttocks. This will increase the size and curvature of the buttocks, making them appear bigger, more curvy, and aesthetically pleasing to others. Brazilian Butt Lifts are surgical procedures, so it is extremely important to prepare for the surgery in advance. There are many important aspects of preparing for a Brazilian butt lift in Denver which should be considered.

Preparing For a Brazilian Butt Lift

Preparations for a Brazilian butt lift must begin at least two weeks prior to the surgery. Preparatory measures can include:

Changing Habits

People who drink alcohol or smoke need to change their habits, at least temporarily. Alcohol and nicotine can impair the healing abilities of the body, and patients who indulge in either usually take a longer time to recover from the surgery.

Comfortable Resting Spots

After getting a Brazilian butt lift surgery in Denver, patients might not be able to sit or lay down normally. Therefore, it is important that they design adequate resting and sleeping places, where they will be able to lie on their stomach or sides.

Plan a New Routine

Patients should know that when they return after surgery, their daily lives will be affected. They might have to take off from work, or they might have to limit their daily physical activities. They should plan accordingly in advance.

Realistic Expectations

Brazilian Butt Lifts can reshape the body, but patients should keep their expectations realistic. There will be enhancement, but one procedure will not magically give anyone a completely different body. It also takes time for the body to heal post-surgery, so patients should not expect immediate changes.

Dr. Thomas A. Narsete is an experienced Denver plastic surgeon who has performed cosmetic surgeries on many patients. More information on Brazilian Butt Lifts and other body augmentation procedures can be found at:

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