BBL Surgery: The Best A Butt Can Be

The ABC’s Of BBL Surgery

In case you don’t know, BBL stands for Brazilian Butt Lift. BBL surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that leads to more youthful, prominent, perky buttocks as well as a more sensual body profile and higher waist line. Sound good? Using liposuction, unwanted fat is removed from selected areas of the body such as love handles, stomach and thighs, and is then, reinjected into the buttocks to create a more contoured, fuller profile. Since the process utilizes your own natural fat, there is little chance for rejection, infection, and other adverse effects. Which can happen with buttocks implants. Getting implants involves opening a slit into the skin and inserting a silicone or saline implant, a process which requires stitches to close the wound and a lengthy recovery period. Not only is BBL surgery your safest option, you butt will look and feel as though you were born with it.

BBL Surgery Can Put Your Rear Into High Gear

A curvy behind is symbolic of youth, health and sensuality.  Age, gravity, heredity and weight fluctuations are common impediments to having the attractive, shapely backside you dream of. A flat backside can make you feel self-conscious, not to mention tank your self-esteem. Endless squats and lunges, even with substantial weights, can’t get the job done. Sorry. Beaches and bathing suits? Forget about it, unless you wear a serious cover up. Fitting clothes and jeans? Forget being able to fill them out. With BBL surgery it’s bye-bye flat and saggy bottom.

BBL Surgery Can Be Flat Out Fabulous

There’s a global butt envy epidemic. It’s easy to get Instagram-envious of the more than generous butts (understatement) of celebrities like JLo and Niki Minaj. And when it comes to firm, fabulous backsides like Kim K’s, the fact is, it’s impossible to keep up with the Kardashians. The important thing about getting BBL surgery is to be realistic about it. The results you’re dreaming about, just might be wrong. It’s all about proportion. Instead of one-size-fits-all, it’s what-size-fits-you to look natural, not overly obvious. With BBL surgery, it’s not just about bigger, but better.

The Dangers Of Getting BBL Surgery Overseas

More and more people are booking cosmetic surgery vacations to get procedures like BBL surgery. In hope of saving money (a lot, they think), they’re hopping on planes to the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Turkey, Poland, Japan, Spain, the Czech Republic and even Slovakia. (Slovakia?) The lure is making people dig out their passports in ever-growing numbers. But buyer beware. The risks far outweigh the fantasies. Not all doctors are board certified. Many use outdated equipment. Who knows if the anesthesiologists are medically qualified? There is little, if any, post op care.  Not to mention that flying back leaves you vulnerable to serious complications and infections no one warned you about. Going overseas to save money? You won’t believe how much it will cost to fix.

Meet The Man Who Makes The Most Out Of BBL Surgery

Board-certified Dr. Thomas A. Narsete. Unlike other cosmetic surgeons in Denver, Dr. Narsete had the opportunity to train with the Brazilian masters who designed the BBL surgery procedure. BBL surgery requires a highly-developed eye for aesthetic detail, and it is critical for a surgeon to have extensive experience in fat transfer techniques. Dr. Narsete only uses advanced surgical technologies and tools. But what you’ll find in your consultation is also a surgeon who understands. Who listens.  From your initial consultation through your recovery, Dr. Narsete is committed to ensuring a positive cosmetic surgery experience. Contact him now about BBL.

BBL surgery? You couldn’t find anyone better.

Butt Augmentation – “I have to live with this?”

Butt Augmentation: Also known as Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL, or buttock augmentation, a procedure where the buttocks are reshaped and augmented with the use of your own fat to give you, give them a more sensual, enhanced contour.

“Everything’s changed”

If recent trends are any indication, the days of asking, “Does this make my butt look big?” are long gone. It’s crazy, but in the past, we were mortified if our butts were too large. We wore looser clothing, we were humiliated in anything tight, and at the beach, we covered up what we considered embarrassing excess with flowing sarongs. We emulated stick-thin, shapeless models like Twiggy. Downton Abbey made us covet the flat slim figures of the flapper era .

So, when did it change? And why?

“Blame fame”

I have to say I hate it. I was on pretty good terms with my back end, until the internet exploded making the quest for a big booty mainstream. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, meant wanting to keep with their butts. Kim became Queen of Butts. (I’d be happy just to be a princess.)  Rhianna, Beyoncé…just a few of the many flaunting their toned tushes.“Um, are those things real?” “Genetic or surgical?” I don’t want a bum that yells “OMG” or emulates their assets. I just want a rounder, curvier, shapelier butt that’s realistic for my body.

“There’s nothing flattering about flat.”

Gluteus minimus. That’s me. In a world where derrieres dominate, I fall flat. Have you ever really looked at an elephant’s butt? Don’t laugh. That’s how wrinkled and unshapely my rear view is to me. It’s a bum rap. I feel like I’ve been thrown a bad curve and I don’t know what to do. I bust my butt at the gym with endless squats and lunges where the only result is ibuprofen and ice for the soreness. And shopping? Skinny jeans and spandex only exacerbate the problem. They do make jeans and underwear with padding, but are you kidding? Really? I want a change, but I don’t want fashion to push me into it. There’s so much more.

“I want to be a booty beauty”

I want to be beach ready. I want a butt that looks like I was born with it. I want people (translate: men) to walk behind me and appreciate what they see. I don’t think it’s being shallow, I think it’s wanting to feel better about myself. Getting a boost to my confidence that getting a boost to my behind can deliver. Because right now, my confidence droops in direct relation to my drooping derriere. Sure, sexy has a lot to do with it. What woman wouldn’t want to feel sexier and even younger? It’s time to put my rear in gear and I’ve made the decision I’m going to do something about it.

“I’m not ready to go to Rio”    

And you don’t have to. No one does. Butt Augmentation is just one of many names for the procedure. What you do have to do, is find the most experienced, skilled surgeon to perform the procedure. That would be Thomas A. Narsete, MD. His surgical expertise is well beyond that of any other surgeon. The artistry of sculpting the buttock and all the different shapes of the buttock requires a steep learning curve. One he’s honed training with Brazilian masters of buttock surgery and performing endless surgeries with profound results that can make a beautiful improvement in the shape of the entire body. Not just the size of the buttock. People often come in with huge expectations and even photos. But Dr. Narsete takes the time to educate them on what will achieve the best outcome for them. Make an appointment to meet with him now. Is he the best?

No buts about it.