Blepharoplasty – Who stole my eyes?

Blepharoplasty: Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, is a procedure, performed on the upper or lower lids or both, that removes fat deposits, excess tissue or muscle to improve and rejuvenate the appearance of the eyelids.

“Droopy, Wrinkled, Crepey…I’m A Real Vision.”

Those aren’t my eyes; it’s like I’m staring into one of those mirrors in a fun house that distorts everything. The closer I look, the worse it looks. And those aren’t fine lines. There’s nothing in the world ‘fine’ about them.  It’s like my eyes are young on top, old on the bottom, the right out of proportion to the left, kind of making my whole face look out of proportion. The way my eyes look in the morning, I want to go back and hide under the covers. But they’re there all the time. Permanently ugly. I don’t know how else to say it. Wearing sunglasses to work doesn’t seem to be a viable option.

“Looks Aren’t Deceiving.”

I was in the mall with my girlfriend on the way to do some serious shoe buying damage, when this guy hyping supposedly “magical” skin creams appears out of nowhere. (You know who they are.) Anyway, he was right on me, trying to shove a sample in my hands. Usually I blow past them, but he says, “I have something that will really help your puffy eyes.” Indignantly laughing, (and a bit challenging if I have to admit it) I I turn to my friend…puffy eyes…I don’t have puffy eyes…do I? With just a beat-too-long, hesitant silence, she told me that of course I didn’t. That my eyes were beautiful. Which immediately told me that there was some truth in it. Denial wasn’t going to cut it.

“50, Going On 70.”

I like to think I take care of myself. I guzzle water and imbibe my fair share of green smoothies. I am seriously athletic, and while it might not be 6-pack, I do have abs. But my eyes…a whole thing altogether. One look in a mirror and I feel like I’m looking at my father. My eyes not only look old, but make me feel absolutely geriatric. They sag big time. And I have these dark circles…Deep grooves under your eyes is not a good look. Gravity has become my mortal enemy. These are eyes for some serious seniors.

“It’s Hard to Apply Makeup When You Can’t See Where to Put It.”

We spend Taj Mahal fortunes on makeup. We Amazon Prime every new product. We Instagram everything that has to do with looking Red Carpet and perennially young . And by “we”, I’m right in there. I buy into the promises. But who am I kidding? Makeup stopped shaping and contouring my eyes a long time ago. Now makeup just sticks in the lines and creases. Mascara gets all over my upper lids which now actually sag. My eyes end up a mess instead of amazing. Which doesn’t exactly make me feel confident going anywhere. My husband assures me the no-makeup, clean face Alicia Keys look would look great on me. I love him, so I refrain from telling him he’s crazy.

“There’s an art to doing eyes.”

I’ve done the research. There are a lot of reasons for having cosmetic eyelid surgery; if you have excess, hanging skin covering the natural fold of the upper eyelids,if your upper and lower eyelids appear puffy, making your eyes look tired and aged,if you have deep grooves under your eyes…Sometimes it’s not for even for cosmetic reasons, but because sagging skin starts to impair your vision. I definitely fit in there somewhere. And it more than bothered me. I just felt horrible about myself. OK, so vanity plays a part here. I admit it. It got to the point I knew I wanted my eyes done. But not just by anyone. For me it wasn’t just about finding a plastic surgeon, but finding the right plastic surgeon. I did my research there, too, and it led me straight to Dr. Thomas A. Narsete. He spent a lot of time with me and really put me as ease. His years of experience and skill clearly showed in the results I saw. But he also assured me that those results were about being subtle, not seriously and frighteningly drastic. I trusted that he had a real eye as to what was right for me, and so….

I got even more than I hoped for. You know you have a great surgeon when people notice how rested and refreshed you look without knowing how you got that look. Isn’t that what you want? So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment to see Dr. Narsete about eyelid surgery now.

If there’s an art to doing eyes, he is definitely a master artist.

Blepharoplasty – I want my eyes back

Blepharoplasty: Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, is a procedure performed on the upper or lower lids or both, that removes fat deposits, excess tissue or muscle to improve and rejuvenate the appearance of the eyelids.

“I’m tired of being told I look tired.”

But that’s what my eyes say. I dread hearing it. Get more sleep they say. But I get a solid 8 hours every night (sometimes more). I’d like to say I bounce out of bed in the morning, but then I go in the bathroom and get the first shot of myself in the mirror. I’m horrified. No, really. Instead of looking bright and ready to take on the day, the image that stares tauntingly back at me makes me want to cry. Actually, my puffy eyes look like I’ve been crying all night. I’ve heard them called “sad” eyes. I look sad? I am sad. Even depressed if you want to know. I used to hear “you’ve got beautiful eyes”. I’ll never get tired hearing that.

“Droopy, puffy, and wrinkly…great.”

It was beyond a shock. I wasn’t even 40, and I just kind of woke up one day and realized my eyelids had sank. They disappeared, just that that. Suddenly I had these heavy-looking hooded upper lids, and my lower lids had horrific looking bags. Bags don’t belong on your eyes. They’re for shopping. Or traveling somewhere exotic. (I can dream) Anyway, I pulled the lids up with my fingers thinking, this is what they’re supposed to look like. This is what, in fact, they used to look like. Then I’d do the same thing with my lower lids. Same results. My right eye was worse than the left, making me feel lopsided on top of it all. I felt like I had some sort of palsy. I swear it was that bad. What was I going to do? I had to do something. I had to.

“I only wish it was just allergies.”

I’ve been literally plagued by my eyes for years. Puffy lower lids, too much upper eyelid skin. I only have to look at my mother to know where they came from. Heredity stinks. And it only got worse as I got older, making me feel years beyond my real age. I have to admit I spent a fair amount of time Googling why age takes such a toll. Bad idea. I’d read, “As skin ages, it gradually loses its elasticity. A lack of elasticity plus the constant pull from gravity causes excessive skin to collect on the upper and lower eyelids.” “Nowhere are the changes associated with aging more apparent than around the eyes. In the late 30s wrinkles start to appear. In the 40s, facial tissues including the cheek and brow begin to sag, and the face loses its heart shape and becomes more pear-shaped. The eyes appear hollow and sags and bags appear, that accelerate into the 50s, 60s, and beyond.” If only Allergen or Claritin were miracle eye meds.

“Concealer? That’s a joke.”

I hate my eyes. They’re beginning to look like they belong to someone else. The puffiness and the crepe paper skin…every day, I keep hoping they’ll be gone. Yeah, well that seems like some fairy tale. And so begins the endless concealer cycle. I have spent hours in the makeup department spending a fortune trying different brands. Somehow, I’ve convinced myself the more expensive they are, the better they’ll work. So, I take them home hoping for something spectacular. Sometimes I’ve actually used three layers of different concealers. The more I use, the more it gets stuck in the creases. Sometimes it does seem to help…sometimes. (Actually, rarely) But the thing is, I don’t want to do my eyes “fulI-up” every time I go out. Makeup for walking the dog? The fact is, you can’t hide the problem. So, you just want to hide. However, you can’t live behind sunglasses. Which is making me look into getting my eyes done. I’ve heard it’s the one thing that does make a difference.

“You have to do your homework.”

Your eyes are generally the central focal point of human expression and the first features that people notice when they look at you. Eyelid surgery can make your eyes look more open and refreshed. It can tighten the skin. Remove fat. Even help you see better when the skin droops down over them. The results can be dramatic, but they shouldn’t change your appearance, rather, enhance it. Like any plastic surgery procedure, there is a lot to take into consideration. You want to feel completely confident going into it. No one can make you feel that way more than Dr. Thomas A. Narsete. To begin with, his credentials are impeccable. He has performed hundreds of this procedure giving him the skill and eye and expertise it takes for results beyond your expectations. When you meet with him for a consultation, you’ll feel immediately at ease. He treats every patient like his only patient. He discusses what he thinks would be appropriate for you, whether it’s upper or lower eye surgery or both. In the end, the only question you’ll be left with is, “How soon can I do it?”

How about now? We’ll be waiting for your call.