Brow Lift – It’s A Real Eye Opener

Brow Lift, also known as Browplasty:

A Brow Lift in Denver is a plastic surgery procedure that raises drooping upper eyelids, eyebrows and smooths forehead creases and frown lines. Rejuvenates skin around the brows to diminish that tired look.

“Eyebrows heading south.”

It seems to me I remember having high, beautifully arched brows that highlighted bright open eyes. Now I look at more recent pictures taken at events, or well, anywhere, and “who is that”? My brows are moving toward my eyes, actually flattening and straightening out to the point trying to correct them and add some arch with brow corrector looks ridiculous. And I’ve tried them all. And worse yet, as my brows lower, so do my eyelids. I’m not that old, but as I do age, gravity seems to be winning. And I feel like I’m losing. The odds just don’t seem stacked in my favor.

“They give the look of ‘stay away’.”

To say I have forehead creases is understatement. Horizontal horror. Can’t tell you how often I’ve been told I look worried all the time. I assure them I’m not, but going into the whole brow lift thing with anyone is pointless. What’s funny, (I usually hate puns) is that in actuality, I’m a real card and can get people laughing until they can’t stop. My kids think I’m a riot, with definite Saturday Night Live potential. There are also the frown lines I haven’t even gotten into. The only worry I feel is having to deal with it.

“Attack of the Wretched Wrinkles.”

I had a facelift once and woke up in shock to a forehead of wrinkles. What???? I expected my face to be smooth as a baby’s (well, at least sort of). When I asked the surgeon what went wrong, he said a brow lift isn’t the same as a facelift. You needed both. It would have been nice if he had informed me before I had the surgery. His attitude was kind of “oh, well”, we can always do a brow lift now. I ran from his office. I ran home and cried. Turns out as brow skin loosens and lowers, wrinkles show up everywhere in the upper part of your face. The problem goes deep. The wrinkles aren’t the superficial ones 20-year olds claim will miraculously disappear with the right anti-wrinkle creams. I’d like to hear them say that when they’re 50, and haven’t had anything done to really diminish them. But there’s a good chance when they’re faced with real wrinkles they’ll run to the nearest plastic surgeon. They just better be sure it’s a good one like Dr. Thomas Narsete.

“I haven’t worn bangs since I was 10.”

Young girls look adorable wearing bangs. Thick bangs, long bangs, short bangs…they can get away with it all. Family photo albums attest to my “adorableness”. The bangs I sported weren’t trying to hide anything. As I got older, things began to change. “I think I’m going to try and grow my bangs out.” So, after what seemed like ages, they grew out. And what did I find when they did? Wrinkles. Sagging brows. Drooping forehead skin. Where did these come from? Gravity got hold of my aging skin. Years of sun worship didn’t help. What I needed was real help that would give me back the smooth, youthful skin I used to have. Bangs? Wouldn’t cut it.

“Who even knew it was an option?”

There are a lot of different cosmetic surgery procedures that most people are familiar with; liposuction, nose jobs, breast surgery…there’s plenty of information around to do some of your own research. But some procedures like brow lifts and cheek implants aren’t as common. You don’t see as much written about them. If you’re really curious, you can make consultations with plastic surgeons to ask specifically what they are, and what they can do to refresh your face and make you look like the “you”, you used to. But you can’t just go to any surgeon and trust what they can actually do. I heard about Dr. Thomas A. Narsete, through a friend who couldn’t say enough about him. His knowledge. His skill. His experience. His aesthetic eye. His results. Even the way he makes you feel comfortable sitting with you and discussing what he thinks will be best for your individual needs. Brow lifts and cheek implants can make a big difference not just in the way you look, but in the way you feel. Make an appointment now. You want the best? Dr. Narsete, is the only option.