Cheek Implant Surgery – I Want “Up”, Not “Down

Cheek Implant Surgery or Cheek Augmentation, also known as Malar or Submalar Augmentation:

Cheek Implant Surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is intended to emphasize the cheeks on a person’s face.

“The dreaded face droop.”

I used to like (even love) the way I looked. I smiled and got smiles back. I laughed and people laughed back. I’d glance into any mirror and be happy with the reflection I saw; tight, smooth skin that didn’t really require makeup to make up for anything sinister going on. Then lots of unwanted body worries started washing over me. Everything started to move where it shouldn’t. We won’t even talk about my body here. But my face…something else entirely. Where did my cheekbones go? Why does my face have this flattened look? Suddenly I had no definition, no contour.  I looked “sunken”. And as my cheeks took a dive (at least in my eyes), so went my ego. I felt like I was drowning in pity.

“I look like “Grumpy” of the Seven Dwarves.”

No fairy tale here. No “Happy” by a long shot. Just cheeks that didn’t look like cheeks anymore. It’s not a pretty story. Because once upon a time I had what I thought were nice, high cheekbones. My facial architecture started to change at some point…it was pretty gradual, so I didn’t freak out immediately. But their structure and definition eventually disappeared completely and I was left with cheeks a lot more than undesirable. More like unnoticeable. I didn’t just feel grumpy, I looked it. I wanted cheekbones that lifted my look. I wanted Cheek Implant Surgery. I wanted a happy ending.

“More chipmunk than chiseled.”

People think of chipmunks and their big bushy tails. But take a closer look at them, front on. No cheekbones, just big balls hanging over their mouth chomping away on whatever was in them. That’s how I saw myself. I did. No contours, no lovely lift that defined my face giving it the look that should be there. I wanted cheeks that complemented my face, giving it a more refined appearance than some tree scampering rodents. High cheekbones have always been a sign of beauty. I was ready to do something about it, I just needed to find a plastic surgeon that didn’t leave me with cheeks that were too high, and jutted out like carven cliffs. That part really scared me. I’ve seen some women who ended up that way, and all I can say, is nuts.

“Who even knew it was an option?”

There are a lot of different cosmetic surgery procedures that most people are familiar with; liposuction, nose jobs, breast surgery…there’s plenty of information around to do some of your own research. But some procedures like brow lifts and cheek implants aren’t as common. You don’t see as much written about them. If you’re really curious, you can make consultations with plastic surgeons to ask specifically what they are, and what they can do to refresh your face and make you look like the “you”, you used to. But you can’t just go to any surgeon and trust what they can actually do. I heard about Dr. Thomas A. Narsete, through a friend who couldn’t say enough about him. His knowledge. His skill. His experience. His aesthetic eye. His results. Even the way he makes you feel comfortable sitting with you and discussing what he thinks will be best for your individual needs. Brow lifts and cheek implants can make a big difference not just in the way you look, but in the way you feel. Make an appointment now. You want the best? Dr. Narsete, is the only option.