Lip Augmentation – I just want it to look natural.

Lip Augmentation (also known as lip augmentation) is a cosmetic procedure that can restore the volume of the lips in both women and men whether they naturally have thinner lips or aging has caused them to lose their plumpness.

O.K., so I have lip envy.

The rest of my body I’m totally O.K. with. But my lips are really thin and it really bothers me. It always has. Looking in the mirror is like looking at my mother. Her lips are almost nonexistent, too. Heredity stinks. It’s impossible not to notice someone whose full lips light up their whole face. I mean your lips are right there front and center. There’s no hiding them. No matter how many bee-stung beauties endless beauty blogs promise.

My lips are definitely nothing to smile about.

As a single man, skimpy lips look just as unattractive on me as on any woman. Maybe worse. The only thing I had as an option to try and minimize them was growing a beard. Only I have a beard that’s on the skimpy side, too. So it only drew more attention to them. I smile and it makes them look even thinner. Eating out makes them just as thin. Any way you look at them they’re definitely Tinder unworthy.

What’s wrong with wanting to look younger and sexier?

There’s no question fuller lips do both. And I’m not talking fuller like obviously overdone. There’s bigger and then there’s ridiculous. Obvious and overdone. Lip fillers gone wrong. I’ve seen lips that scream “botched!” and it terrifies me. I just want lips that look like I was born with them. Soft and natural. Even enhancing them a little would help. I’m looking for kissable, not crazy.

I’m not trying to look like some Disney Princess.

My lips aren’t just thin. They’re out of proportion and crooked.  The top lip looks like it disappears into my mouth. Sadly, we live in a selfie-world and technology is making face to face even closer. In my case, it’s like a horror story. I’ve spent a small fortune on products supposed “makeup artists” apply and then swear how much better I look. Fairy tales.

The surgeon makes all the difference.

It got to the point I wanted to do something to plump up the volume, so to speak. But I didn’t want to end up with lips that were rock-like or looked like lumpy pillows. So I did some major research. I asked friends for recommendations. I looked online trying to wade through the list of plastic surgeons. I looked at testimonials. And before and after photos. The name that kept coming up, was Dr. Thomas A. Narsete, MD. He made me feel comfortable as soon as I met him. We talked a long time, and Dr. Narsete explained to me that while soft and subtle were important, it was equally important that the size of my lips fit my face perfectly.  I knew then that I had the best surgeon to get the best results. And you should see them now. Let me save you some time. Call Dr. Narsete for an appointment now.

Trust me, you won’t find anyone better.

Lip Augmentation – “Sensual lips don’t look like these.”

LIP AUGMENTATION: (Also referred to as lip enhancement) is a technique that aims to alter the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness while decreasing lines using fillers or implants.

“I admit it, I suffer from lip envy.”

I look in the mirror and think “ugh, are those really my lips?” They are so thin that my upper lip almost disappears. Not attractive. I feel like the poster child for “before” pictures in plastic surgeons’ before and after sample books. I’m not old. But I feel like my lips are aging by the minute. (I do a lot of staring in mirrors.) I’ve been told I have beautiful eyes. Never once has anyone complimented me on my lips. I mean they all have to notice my lips, they’re just too polite to say anything. When I say I’m envious of other people’s lips, I’m not talking celebrities most likely enhanced puckers and sexy pouts. I just want lips that look fuller and smoother and fit my face.

“To say my lips are under-plump is understatement.”

Actually, there’s more; they look out of proportion. One side goes up so I look lopsided. It’s worse when I smile. I look like I’ve got this goofy grin. Smile?  I could cry. I’ve always had them and always hated them. I even got teased about them in school. Lip shaming. I begged my parents to do something about them and got the old “you’re beautiful the way you are…you’re just imagining it.” There were a lot of tears over it, but I had to live with them. I never stopped feeling self-conscious. And as to self-esteem? What self-esteem? I dated, but most first dates never went anywhere. I was sure it was how my lips made my whole face look, but I think my negative attitude might have played a big part in it. Now that I’m older, I going to do something about it. It’s my decision. I’m just a little afraid they’ll end up over-plumped.

“I used lip liner to the point of looking ludicrous.”

When you’ve got really thin lips, or lips that look too small for your face (well, actually, any face), you can also get these disgusting little wrinkles. Which make your lips look like there’s no real lip line. I’d go into one of these makeup places with brand after brand of makeup choices. I bet if I counted, there would be at least 100 different lip liner choices. Enough to make me freeze, until a friendly salesperson (sometimes a guy) would notice and ask if I needed help. Help? I needed a lip lifebuoy. So I sit in a chair and prepare to have my lips made luscious. Somehow they picked from dozens of samples sitting at their station, and went at my lips like Renoir. They outlined them to look larger…even add a bow…filled them in with lipstick…and I left with 5 different colors and brands to the tune of a hundred bucks. Ask if I was able to do what they did myself once I got home.

“The old hand-over-your-mouth trick never fooled anyone.”

You might have seen television commercials where people hide their mouths so as not to see their yellow or ugly teeth. You never hear them talking about hiding their lips. But hand over mouth has long been my MO, especially when I am up close with someone, like having dinner out, or gossiping and laughing over extra dry martinis. Laughing only makes it worse. I could be smiling, and it comes across as frowning. Try having a meaningful conversation while holding your hand over your mouth. And you can’t keep your napkin to your lips while you’re trying to shove that sushi in. I’m not fooling anyone. I probably just look like a fool. And anything I did makeup-wise before going out, got wiped off immediately. I want desperately to draw attention to my lips, just not in the wrong way. I’m out of tricks. I need real help.

“Happy isn’t half of it.”

Once I decided to do what they call lip enhancement (googled it), I knew deciding on the right plastic surgeon to do it was crucial. I was terrified of ending up with hard-as-a-rock duck lips. Someone I trusted to talk about it, referred me to Dr. Thomas A. Narsete. He put me at ease the minute I met him. He really analyzed my face and asked me about my goals. All I told him is that I wanted more natural, fuller, soft lips. Nothing drastic. He got it, and reassured me that even making them just a bit fuller could make a big difference in my whole face. If I had any questions, I learned that he uses the latest technology and tools to deliver the best results. He had even written papers about it. I was in. And now my lips are everything I wanted and more. I was ecstatic with the results. He was absolutely the best choice. I couldn’t recommend him more. This is someone you can trust.

And that’s not just paying lip service.

Call for an appointment today. You’ll be more than happy you did.

Lip Enhancement- I’d love to look younger.

Lip Enhancement: (also referred to as lip augmentation): a technique based on the use of fillers or implants to create fuller lips while decreasing wrinkles around the mouth.


What woman doesn’t obsess a little about their faces? Media bombards us with ideals. The point is, what is ideal for you? Beauty blogs clog the internet, with blog queens (and often just unqualified, young blog princesses) demonstrating among other things, how to make your lips perfectly puckered. They’ve got tips galore. For all ages. And what this taps in to is how your lips have never been what you want them to be. You look in the mirror, and it’s “ugh”. Kylie Jenner created a Twitterstorm when she admitted she had a lip enhancement. Suddenly everyone wanted one, even if they didn’t need it. Well, as to Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie, or any other celeb, you need to accept that you’re never going to be them. You just have to be the best self, you can be. 


Check out over-the-counter would-be plumpers and they’re endless; marketing hype, the spend-tons-of-money-on-our-products, manufacturers’ dreams. And oh, their promises to “pump up the volume.” “Get the perfect pout, naturally.” “Turn your thin lips into bee stung lips” (seemingly important to some). But do they really work?  “Not worth the money.” “Total scam.” “They don’t last.” The most bizarre approach to plump it up, involves something called “suctioning” where you put this plastic device up to your mouth and suck in super hard.  The result? Irritation. Maybe you should see if a lip enhancement is the answer.


If you think anyone else is thinking with distain and shock, “wow, look how thin her lips are”, guess again. We are always our own worst critics. But if it is what you believe, and would like to make a change, you have a real choice with lip enhancement. If you feel fuller lips would boost your confidence, lip enhancement could help. Whether you think both lips are too thin, or maybe just the top, making them look out of symmetry, both can be addressed with this simple and safe procedure. Giving you something to really smile about.


Looking better, is one thing, but many women think men are much more attracted to full lips. That they see women with full lips as more sensual and kissable. In truth, any man you would want, would want you for who you are. But if you feel like your thin lips are a turnoff, especially to you, then that’s what really matters. Can fuller lips make you feel sexier? If the answer is yes, the answer to that, is lip enhancement.


Who hasn’t seen “afters” that make a woman look like a duck face or whose lips are stretched all out of proportion after lip enhancement? The problem with these “afters” is who’s doing the work on the “befores”.  Many people get the procedure done by those who are unqualified to do it. It’s like going to a hair dresser and telling them to just do a trim, only to end up with inches chopped off. In the case of lip enhancement, it can be the opposite. You tell the practitioner you want soft, natural lips and end up with two lumpy, puffy, overfilled lips. You end up not even recognizing yourself. But be assured, that doesn’t have to happen to you. 


If you’re ready to get a lip enhancement, or at least consult with a surgeon about it, you need a professional who has performed hundreds of lip enhancement procedures with enviable, natural results. In the Denver area, that would be Dr. Thomas A. Narsete. When we talk about unparalleled experience and expertise, with Dr. Narsete, it goes beyond what you could find anywhere else. Actively involved in research related to various aspects of cosmetic surgery, he uses the latest technology and tools to deliver best results to the patients who want to enhance the volume of their lips. In fact, he helped perform the original research on the new Permafacial implants for permanent lip augmentation, publishing two of the very first papers on the results of the procedure, which are on review in his office. (And you should absolutely review.) Just as importantly to you, he has the eye of an artist, with your entire face as his palette. His only goal is to give you lips you’ll absolutely love. Which is why you’ll absolutely love him.

Lip Augmentation in Conjunction With Facelift

Preliminary Report: Lip Augmentation in Conjunction With Facelift: Preliminary Experience With A New Permanent Implant

Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 29, Issue 5, 1 September 2009, Pages 356–359,
Published: 01 September 2009

Primary facial rejuvenation surgery has often neglected the perioral area, instead using injectable fillers1 and secondary minor surgeries to address lip fullness. The fillers are temporary, expensive, and require fluid or tissue in-growth for their effect. Autologous fat has been used as an injectable filler with reasonable but temporary results that are marred by noticeable imperfections. Ersek et al2 showed good results in facial rejuvenation treatment (including lip augmentation) from layered fat injections with eight months of follow-up. Temporalis and superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) grafts3,4 have been used with some success, but these grafts do not produce long-term results. None of these treatments show a permanent benefit for the senescent lip.

Numerous minor advances in lip augmentation techniques have been made, but they fall short of full correction of the aging lip. Aiache5 described lip augmentation using a running W-plasty incision inside the mouth and vertical advancement of the flaps. The junction of the moist and dry vermilion is easily identified and avoided. His technique achieved a natural appearance without noticeable scars. The amount of augmentation, however, was limited and lip curl restoration was minimal.

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